"to shed an Indian tear" is to shed one tear only, out of either eye
"Did you see him Garrett at the end of Saving Private Ryan?"
"Nah, why?"
"He shed an Indian tear!"
by RenegadeSniper7 March 06, 2009
Top Definition
When you lack the need to defecate and the only excrement you can muster to expel from your anus is a tiny pellet.
Patrick: "Man, I really wanted to upper deck that toilet... but I couldn't poop, so I squeezed out an Indian Tear..."

Matt: "Go put an Indian Tear on this dollar so we can play poo dollar"
by Mattbrain February 03, 2011
Real tears. 'Trail of Tears' tears. As in, 'no casino in the world can make up for what they did to our land' tears.
Billy took my ice cream and I started crying indian tears. I loved that ice cream.
by Lemons February 21, 2012
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