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Incestuous Friend Bubble-
(Adj. and Noun)


A group of friends, lacking mental, educational, or racial diversity who share the same gender and work at a single place of employment.

a) Incestuous friend bubbles are known for traveling in herds and commonly exchange breeding partners amongst Incestuous Friend Bubbles of the opposite sex.

b) Herds of incestuous friend bubbles can be found in areas with warm climates and high concentrations of plastic surgeons, annual income amounts exceeding $250,000.00, and tattoo artists.

c) Incestuous friend bubbles are attracted to shiny objects including, but not limited to; diamonds, chrome, and electricity..
"We better get out of this bar quick, before we are assimilated into that incestuous friend bubble and can no longer think for ourselves!"
by libertybelle20 July 07, 2013
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