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A state of mind associated with doing any of the below as a result of just having watched the Christopher Nolan movie Inception:
1. Interpreting real life events as being events in a lucid dream.

2. Calling a real-life person a projection of ones' subconscious mind.

3. Accusing someone of implanting an idea in your head through hypnotic or subliminally charged conversation.
1. Just took an afternoon nap, and I'm wondering if this is a dream within a dream. Argh, still have an Inception hangover.

2. I'm still attached to my ex and can't date other women. She's not dead and this ain't no Inception hangover.

3. I feel like I have no real motives. All my motives are ideas implanted in my head by my friends, family and the media. Gotta get over my Inception hangover.
by radialaxpro August 05, 2010

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