InA is an abbreviation for "Indeed and agreed". The idea first picked up at and is rapidly gaining popularity.
Someone says: I don't think this is such a good idea

Another person says: InA!!
by gamefreak94 April 08, 2009
the word best preceded by vag
That kid is a vag.......ina!!!
by sam i August 09, 2006
A groupe of elite hacker from Canada. They rocks!
OH NO, INA rooTed my box again.
by Aquarelle March 02, 2004
to add force to a question that is stated like a sentence. the clean version of the word fuck. good for what ever the situation calls for.
"Well if you woulda closed de bloody door, your dog wouldn't have gotten out ina?!" "Did you see her hair? It looked bad ina?"
by the Orginal Meh August 15, 2006
A beautiful girl with an open heart and will do anything she desires. They are the funniest people on earth and are bound to make you enjoy yourself with her, they are also really pretty and buff.

Inas usually sees the bright side in everything but if taken for granted can let out everything.
They wreak ly care for you and like to meet loads of new people.
Omg that girl is so Inas and nice.
Yeah I know right I wish I could be Inas
by Inas October 24, 2014

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