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1. Radiohead's 7th album
2. Confermation that Radiohead are in fact, gay for each pride!
1. "This album is going to kick arse!"
2. In Rainbows=gay pride

the cheesecaker's were right!
by hahhahahahahahahahahahahalolz October 05, 2007
The seventh album of Radiohead.

Has been anticipated for almost 5 years.

Will be available for download on October 10th, 2007. The disc box will be available on or before December 3rd, 2007.

Track-listing as follows:
1. "15 Step"
2. "Bodysnatchers"
3. "Nude"
4. "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi"
5. "All I Need"
6. "Faust ARP"
7. "Reckoner"
8. "House of Cards"
9. "Jigsaw Falling into Place"
10. "Videotape"

With bonus CD:
8 more songs

1. "MK 1"
2. "Down Is the New Up"
3. "Go Slowly"
4. "MK 2"
5. "Last Flowers"
6. "Up on the Ladder"
7. "Bangers and Mash"
8. "4 Minute Warning"
Person 1: DUDE, I've been waiting for LP7 forever.
Person 2: Hey dumbass, it's called "In Rainbows."
by openxpick October 03, 2007
The name of Radiohead's 7th Album.

It is their greatest achievement since Kid A.
"Man, I can't get over how good In Rainbows is"
"Tell me about it."
by Dublo720 October 30, 2007
Radiohead's seventh album after Hail to the Thief. Possibly the best thing ever recorded. See music orgasm
simon listened to in rainbows and then died because it was so good. he was in good health.
by houseofcards October 16, 2007
The album in which Radiohead kicked the fuck out of the recording industry
Holy shit, did you hear In Rainbows?
by John Kay October 12, 2007
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