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The process of letting a friend know that they are both in deep shit. With friends this occurs most time completely by accedent, when it should have been thought about more carefuly at the time.

Girl: I need to tell you something bro, but you can't bitch slap me until I'm done explaning. Ok?
Guy: I told you I'm fine with....
Girl 'Inturupting guy': It's not about that, but it's a big deal man. Now listen for once!!! I videotaped us having sex.
Guy: What!!!!!
Girl: No joke. What can I say other than I have the morals of a man see: whore see: pissed off see: He's a scum bag
Guy : So you fucken taped it???
Girl: I know. It was horrably stupid, but you pissed me off. I knew you were full of shit and would F' me over 1 day.
Guy: Where the hell is the tape???
Girl: Yeah about that. We In Deep Peep! My house was robbed a while ago and they took the camera, the tapes that were in the bag with it and a certificate of mine too.

I taped us 4 times....umm the car, peach lotion and called 2 others on that tape bent ova bungelo. Don't ask!
Guy: Bitch, say Your Fucken Joking!
Girl: I wish I could man. I mean. . . Who the hell steals mini tapes that say 'Family water park pray and spray' video on it?

****Guy is now extreemly pissed with no words, but a very angry face*****.

Girl: Look I need you to help me figure out if any dipshit thief has pwnd a old school mini video recorder. I've checked and asked everywhere. No one has seen it or the tapes. So unless you want to be called Mike Hancho with you snow white asscheecks spread apart for the glorifacation of the world to see, ya might want to help out! How do you think I feel knowing some creep is jerkin it to you and I bumpin it on the hood of my car and a few other places.
Guy: I'm gonna fucken kill you...
Girl 'with hands blocking face': I know!!!
by Averystrangeidea November 03, 2011

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