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in aiwin naht


1). Gothic meaning forever night

2). regular user of imgoth known as in aiwins naht (sometimes shortened as naht) known for knowledge of various subjects, correcting incorrect information, and seeming to have abilities other users do not possess, and is on mostly every night.
Gothic is a dead language; spoken by the Goths that has not been fully rebuilt and its thought it will never be. This is because there are only a few surviving text written in Gothic the largest being the Codex Argenteus (The Wulfila Bible)

in aiwins naht

In aiwins - adj: Gothic for forever, always, eternity
Example: witubn jah frôde in aiwins (knowledge and wisdom forever)

naht or nahts - Noun : Gothic for night
Example: naht jah daga (night and day)
by weihnai namo þein December 16, 2009

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