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Mistaken name for "Itchy and Scratchy" Ned Flanders bellowed while watching the Poochy debacle.
That's the best episode of `Impy and Chimpy` I've ever seen.
by Neilmiser May 06, 2004
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imp is a minion of the underworld, a worthless servant, a bitch to do the cleaning.

Chimpy quite obviously orinates from the word chimpanzee. But chimpy describes a person that has chimp like features.

The two can be used together to descibe a devilish duo that although may seem retarded when seperate, together they are are deadly combination and can be percieved as being relatively normal.
Oy ya imp.

Hey he looks well Chimpy.

impy and chimpy have been up to there old tricks again.
by Chid April 18, 2005
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