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The sudden feeling of pressure to deposit money back into your bank account when buying something that costs a large sum of money, otherwise known as an Impulse Buy. Can occur to many people, yet many times by college students on a restricted budget.
Wal-Mart Cashier: That'll be 42$!
Me: Gosh, that's a lot! All I have are some simple groceries. Not enough in my pocket to give you so I'll have to use my card.
*Swipe Card and transact money*
-->After finished paying, goes to SunTrust inside Wal-Mart<--
Teller: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, I just spent 42$ of my money to buy groceries, and many of those things were impulsive buys so I'm going to make an "Impulse Deposit"!
by Matt - UCF Knight '12 September 09, 2010
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