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when someone you have not seen in a while, like a rediscovery on facebook from 20 years ago from the 5th grade and you are now in your thirties posts..."wow, I didn't recognize you without the glasses, bad look great now" translation... "wow, you used to be very ugly in the 5th grade and now you look, well, wow, YOU LOOK GREAT...." impressively rude is when you compliment someone on how they look now in such a way that you insult how they used to look in the process....
Random re-aqaintance to someone they have not seen in a while..

old friend "wow, you look so great now, I barely recognized you because you used to be so fat".
you "um, thanks...I think".

You re-tell the story to an existing and so was impressively rude when I saw her telling me how great I look now... how fat did she think I was before?
by The one and only Pinksnout December 12, 2009
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