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fake, plastic, ugly girls who layer their faces with pounds of makeup in attempts to please the masses with their so called "goods." sadly enough plastic surgeons are progressively perfecting the art of turning beasts into beauties. oh the deception.
Import Models
Jeri Lee
Tila tequila
Jenny Chu
and many many more..unfortunately
by mr.an August 11, 2008
A type of model that usually models for the tuned import cars scene. Most of them are usually asian, some are caucassion though!
Guy1: Dude that import model is hot!
Guy2: Yea I wish she can model for my car..
Guy1: No man you drive a corvette! go home!!
by JJJJJJJJ4234 June 06, 2006
An Import Model is a short form of "Importfest Model."Importfest is an annual exhibition of fully tuned up sports cars and are always promoted by beautiful babes.
I went to Importfest last night and those Import Models were amazingly hot; I even got to take a picture with a few of them.
by theecdguy July 02, 2009