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n. In Yinzer, this is a mixed drink, useful in drowning one's sorrows after a particularly disappointing loss by the Pittsburgh Steelers or contemplating that the Pittsburgh Pirates haven't had a winning season since 1992 (as of the 2009 season). It is a Depth Charge Boilermaker made with Iron City Beer and Imperial Whiskey. Here's the recipe:

10 oz. Iron City Beer
1.5 oz. Imperial Whiskey

Pour cold beer carefully into tumbler as to not create a head. Wash hands, carefully clean a shot glass inside and out, then fill shot glass with Imperial Whiskey--hold shot glass, do not put on bar or table. Carefully drop whiskey-filled shot glass into beer, and serve. No garnish.
Jeez-o-man! The Stillers dom'nated, but lost, n'at! Barkeep, I need to get drownded in an Imp 'n' Ahn!

Translation: Golly! (or other expression of exasperation). The Pittsburgh Steelers lost another game like they did when they played Houston, limited them to 45 yards of total offense, and lost! Bartender, I need to drown my sorrows in a Iron City Beer & Imperial Whiskey Depth Charge.
by Dan Weyandt November 25, 2009
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