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Reassuring a friend that, because they're a good person deep down inside, that what they did wasn't really that bad after all, and was in fact what anyone else would have done in the same situation.
Parental immoral support: "If you had let her continue to live with you, she'd think it's okay to be gay. It's really not so bad being homeless as a teen, anyway - it's kind of an adventure if you think about it!"
by AndyTheNerd November 30, 2011
Immoral support is opposite to moral support. Whereas moral support is encouragement and support for a moral action, immoral support is encouragement and support for an immoral action.
"Did you hear? He's helping him plan a murder."
"That's some immoral support there."
by Drazard October 10, 2011
When you tell your pregnant girlfriend to go have that abortion because you're not ready to be a dad.
Babe, let me be your immoral support. Should we really suffer for the next 18 years because Trojan can't make a break-free condom?
by Jeebus Almighty February 12, 2008
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