The feeling that a person gets when they are very close to graduating from their undergraduate/ graduate/ doctoral /advanced field of study degrees.

It is characterized by having no motivation to complete your assignments or study for your labs/exams, or invest any effort at all whatsoever in the remainder of your course work simply due to the fact that you are SO CLOSE to being done.
N: "Oh man, I'm so close to being done my undergraduate degree! I have only two assignments left, but I don't want to do them. Why God Why?!"
D: "You, my friend, have Imminent Graduation Apathy (IGA)"
N: "What's IGA?"
D: Imminent Graduation Apathy. You lack any motivation to invest any effort in the remainder of your course work, given that you are so close to being done.
N: You're right, I do have IGA. Why do I have to get it now, right when I'm so close to being done undergraduate?
D: *Sigh* Such is the way of IGA. It is a disease, like chickenpox. There is no escaping it. Everyone must get it at some point in their lives.
by Jos Louis April 03, 2013

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