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The most bizarre play EVER in all sports. Down 7-6, with 22 seconds remaining in the 1972 AFC Wild Card matchup, Terry Bradshaw threw a pass intended for John Fuqua. Oakland Raiders saftey Jack Tatum reach Fuqua when the ball did, and the ball deflected from him. Just as the ball seemed to slip to the ground, Steelers runningback Franco Harris scooped up the ball when it was less than an inch from the ground, and ran it in to the endzone to end the game. Craziest play in NFL history.
And Franco Harris has just won the game with the Immaculate Reception.
by Steagles February 12, 2006
The process of impregnating your lady without actual intercourse. She's lays spread eagle in front of you while you masturbate. Once finished, you unload in your hand and proceed to throw your load on her.
My wife and I have practiced abstinence for the last 7 years.

Don't you have a 4 year old? How'd that happen?

Immaculate Reception!
by Red Bearded Stranger July 11, 2011
Is when you poop and you go to wipe your butt but the toilet paper comes back clean on your first wipe.
It's a good thing I had an immaculate reception because there was only three squares left on the roll.
by Kiloh Jonson July 17, 2007
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