Top Definition
Massachusetts Term
Pronouonced: Immm-blaz-d-lay-taz

1. Used as a term as GOODBYE when high on Marijuana.

2. Saying goodbye after blazing a fatty, you disperse from your fellow mates.

3. BYE!

1. Tinsley: Heyo Dave! Wanna blaze a blizz?

Dave: Sure Papa! Come thru!

Tinsley: Ight yo.. ill be there in 10.

30min later..

Dave: Thanx my mans!

Tinsley: Np man anytime!

Dave: Ight Tins Imm Blazed lataz!

2. Damn Boog! Those were some nice L's, Imm Blazed lataz!

3. Borris you a straight bitch! Hahaha! Imm Blazed lataz!
by DavAly420 April 18, 2011
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