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When reminiscing about the late Tim Russert, these Imaginary Russert Qualities or IRQs, are the ideas that conjure up in your mind, regardless of whatever the media says contrary to them.
"Her dad has at least three of the Imaginary Russert Qualities."

"Calm down dad, you're getting the IRQs again."

Imaginary Russert Qualities include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Russert as an Alcoholic with various gins and vodkas on top of his stainless steel fridge

"Don't you even think about touching my Tanqueray you little nitwit!"

2. Poor parenting skills such as suddenly screaming at his son with a piece of corn chowder hanging on his lip.

"How was your day at school son?"
"eh, it was okay"
"You better hope that passed your exams with flying colors or else I'll hang your scrawny ass up by your silly pants, I'm not waking up at ridiculous hours to interview these jackasses for my health! Now go to your room and don't come out until you've finished Wealth of Nations!!!"

3. Throwing temper tantrums whilst making home repairs:

by Clint Walker July 10, 2008
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