Popular song by Blood on the Dance Floor. First released on the "It's Hard to Be A Diamond In a Rhinestone World" album. Known for chorus,...
Chop, Chop, Chop you up,

Eat you like a cannibal
spit you out like an animal
SLice, Slice, Slice you up,
Cut you up i'll slice and dice
Serve you up as cold as ice.
Girl- So what's your favorite Blood on the Dance Floor song?
Guy- Well, i'd have to say... Ima Monster, it's such a good song!!!
by ImaMonsterHaHaHa December 26, 2009
The extremely catchy song by scene band Blood On The Dance Floor that has a knack of swirling round in your head days after hearing it.
Girl: "Cut-cut-cut you up! I'm a monster, hahaha."

Tom: "...dude, what IS she singing???"

Mark: "New Blood On The Dance Floor song. Kinda catchy."

The next week...

Mark: "dum dum dum... I'm a monster, haha...oh no!"
by Crazy Axer July 06, 2009

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