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First of all, the Illuminati is a shadow government that controls almost everything from politics to pop culture.
An Illuminati puppet is a singer/group/band/other type of celebrity that does exactly what he or she is told to.
This could be to promote satanism like for example Kesha, Beyonce, Taylor Momsen, Miley Cyrus etc. do.
Why does the Illuminati want them to promote satanism and sing ignorant lyrics?
Because music directly affects people. They look up to their idols.
The Illuminati wants everyone to not think about politics, but rather drugs and sex.
This is their way of straying people's thoughts away from what their thoughts SHOULD be, so they can
carry out their plans in peace with no disturbance.

The Illuminati killed people who promoted the exact opposite of these puppets, people like
MLK and JFK and Tupac.

Some people believe that when artists put Illuminati symbolism in their videos, it's only for attention.
Say this was the case, then that's no excuse to promote satanism that affects kids behavior badly.
Zombie: Did you see Kesha's new video?
Not zombie: Fuck no, she's such an Illuminati puppet.
by Sesat February 25, 2014
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