Generally a black person, but not limmited to anyone whom you define as ignorant. normally used when angry at another person who doesnt see things but their own way.
You Igniggerant motherfucker, you piss me off everytime i talk to you
by ISN_001256 January 24, 2011
Top Definition
A very ignorant black person, preferably the loud, obnoxious ones riding ''strap''. Etc... Basically another term for a dumb nigger.
Damn, can you believe how dumb Jamal is? That boy is igniggerant
by Z-sLice September 18, 2007
The recently combined word, meaning a black man who is ignorant and a nigger.
Holy shit man, that nigger just stole my sheet music! And hes boasting about it!
"He's what they call igniggerant."
by Akon (nyoungjeezy) March 09, 2008
a black human being that feels the need to be ignorant more often than not...and is usually vulgar about it...
"the ig-nigger-ant bastard cut me off and then threw me the finger...isn't that my job...I should make him my slave!"
by Dustin B. February 20, 2007
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