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1. An phrase overused by those trying to sound sophisticated and/or intelligent.

2. A phrase used frequently by Tobias Bluth from Arrested Development.
Tobias: You could say I'm, if you will, 'buy curious'

Man: I can "sprinkle the pudding" if you will.
by Antonym Phantonym May 18, 2009
an overused saying, that asks for your permission to say something differently than expected, usually because the person speaking is illiterate and can't think of the correct way of saying it.
The weatherman said that a catagory 5 hurricane named Debbie, a big ass storm, if you will, would be hitting New York City this week.
by Deborah Spicer August 13, 2006
A phrase used to excuse the lack for a better word and/or kill any awkward tension in the air after mentioning something mildly aggressive or sexual.
She used... a gargantuan amount of force on him, if you will.
by LunaLee April 17, 2010
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