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As we live our lives, we study, make friends, hit finals, fall in love, run the table, strive for greatness, and just enjoy life's ride. We may learn many facts in life, but if we can take just one important fact from life it would be:

"If you don't hit that damn final, someone else will!"

There's no saying in life that has more truth to it. You can't argue with this great fact of life hence why it is becoming one of the most famous friggin' sayings in our world today.
Here's what it all boils down to idiots. "If you don't hit that damn final, someone else will" is very simple. If we were to put it on the friggin' scale of simplicity, i'd say it's a 9.872. Just think in your mind If I don't hit that damn final, someone else will. Meaning, If I can't hit that damn final, and i'm relying on my partner to hit the damn final, but their relying on me to hit the damn final, then neither of us is gunna hit the damn final and we're gunna lose the friggin' game. It's that friggin simple morons, ya know.

P.s. The DAMN is a vital part of the famous saying!
by S Santang October 28, 2009

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