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To feel, dysfunctional and fatigued, from being submerged in a large crowd of idiots. Usually the case is you are sober and they are intoxicated. Usually applies to those in the Hospitality industry having to deal with drunk idiotic patrons in very large numbers. Common symptoms include but are not limited to, severe tiredness, irritability, headache, body ache, short patience, nausea and 10% tips.
Jacob - Hey did you go out for 6-Man in Manhattan Beach yesterday, it was INSANE!

Kelly - I wish, I had to work. Don't you remember? I was talking to you last night.

Jacob - Really? I don't even remember I was SOOO drunk. I feel like shit today, definitely hungover.

Kelly - Ya, I feel like shit too, I have an "Idiot Hangover"...
by Ghozen July 31, 2011
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