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UK: Name given to a range of drinks prefered by people with a predisposition to alcoholism recognisable by their low price and high alchohol content.

VP, QC Sherry or fortified wine.
Tennants Super, Carlsberg special Lager
Diamond white Cider aka Petrol.
Newcastle Brown (Dependant on usage).

An alternitive term is Sheep Dip.
Drunk guy in shop doorway with optional, urine, vomit, dirty blanket...

Geez us Fify P fora cupa tee mate.
(I need fifty pence towards another bottle of drink).

Passer by: Poor old cunt, if I give him fifty pence he will spend it on idiot broth, Oh what the hell, here y'are.
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
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