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The Idea/Suggestion board is pretty much the greatest board out there. It grows the best flowers, and has the best apple trees and smells the best (except for when Sess opens his mouth and his bad breath spreads all over). Fluffy and Sess like to *believe* they are the queen and king of the board, but everyone knows fat people can't rule any form or section on the Neoboards! The real queen is Mustang, and the king is Luke! They are probably the coolest people in the world. Luke hasn't been around in a while, but don't fret, he'll make a HUGE comeback.
This is what happens on the Idea/Suggestion board:
Sess: *fartz*
Fluffy: *lol*
Luke: *fartz bigger and better in every way*
Mustang: *drools*
by thehypocriteisback April 30, 2009

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