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The Idaho challenge (Ida challenge) is a test of fitness and sexual activity (a test not for the weak!). It requires massive amount of strength and endurance, in order to pleasure a girl and workout at the same time This challenge can be preformed in two ways
1. a girl needs to be on all fours ass up while you thrust into her while squatting at least 50 pounds
2. a girl props her self underneath a pull-up bar, so that the contender may do a pull-up while committing coitus simultaneously

the goal of this challenge is not just to be able to do it, but rather to do it where the female counter-part feels somewhat satisfied
"Did u hear about alex?"
"no, why"
he successfully squatted 70 pounds on the Idaho challenge!!"
what a tank!1!!!!"
by nachooooooooooooooooooooooo September 21, 2011
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