Id10T error is a common term used by the IT helpdesk to describe an error on a users confuser.
After repeatedly attempting to help the user fix a confuser glitch, the IT personnel will give up in frustration and claim the error is an “Id 10 T” error and the user needs to contact Microsoft support.
<tech 1> Was that Matt Roberts again?
<tech 2> Yea, this time his monitor screen was all black. I told him it was a Id10T error and he needs a new monitor.
by NotYou May 27, 2003
Top Definition
YOU are a f*cking IDIOT lol that what it means, or it could be a real word for an error found on your system thats the USERS problem (user bieng you) ID-Ten-T ;)
IT tech: Sir it seems you have an ID-10-T error on your system, Check the user...
caller:Whats the user?
by Anthoney December 20, 2003
Similar to a pebcak error. ID-10-t is idiot with a 10 instead of io in the middle.
computer user: I can't get my computer to work. The coofe cup holder is broken.
Helpdesk: Coffee cup holder?
Computer user: Yeah, my new computer has a coffe cup holder. You press a button and a tray comes out to place a coffe cup on.
Helpdesk (on mute and to a coworker): Hey Phil, I have a an ID-10T error on the phone. To computer user: Ma'am, That is not a coffee cup holder, that is your cd-rom.
Computer user: Oh. Are you sure?
by Starknight August 19, 2006
Computer repair term. Whenever a computer user does something idiotic and causes a major and sometimes unrepairable problem.
The Idiot: I spilt a glass of water on my computer can you repair it?

The Repair Shop: Sounds like a "I.D.10-T Error", not sure we can repair your computer, but let us have a look.
by Stuart Hale November 25, 2006
Synonym for PEBKAC, e.g. "The user is being an idiot". Tech-support people passing a problem report to someone higher up the food chain (and presumably better equipped to deal with idiots) may ask the user to convey that there seems to be an I-D-ten-T error. Users never twig.
a user clime that the computer refuse to shutdown .... and there is a message box display "do you want to save changes made to untitled document <yes> <no> "
by bassam November 10, 2003
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