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A virtual pet site for the world. With a combination of RPG Elements and Petsite mechanics, Ichumon is a unique and ever-developing site, bringing fresh and new ideas to the web. Create a pet from Dr. Dim and then train it in the elusive RPG; hunt for summons and special abilities. There are over 50 unique games, 200+ collectable avatars and 5000+ items. It's free and constantly updated.
Ichumon is a virtual pet site that allows you to create virtual pets, play games, chat and interact. It is free to play.
by IchumonCrew April 12, 2009
A virtual pet website similar to Neopets and Subeta, but with a smaller userbase, and much more caring staff and users. Run by Ole and Superturtle.
Ichumon's like Neopets. Without the suck.
by hb08 April 12, 2009