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Someone who enters the U.S. through Canada!
You fucking Iceback!!!
by Joel Greenfield May 09, 2006
a humourous derrogitory term used for illeagal Canadian immigrants in the United States. Based on the term wet back used for Mexicans. Coined on the Daily Show.
The Minute Men patrol the border along the 49th parrallel to ensure no ice backs sneak across.
by Al-star May 25, 2006
A Canadian scumbag
"Dude that guy's an iceback, eh!"
by Iceback Lover February 26, 2014
A Mexican than dose roofing in Alaska or any northern regions in the united states.
Look at the iceback on the roof doesn't he know its cold outside those Mexicans do anything for money.

i heard share Palin hired some icebacks to do her new roof.

illegal mexican that enters canada.
by erick socerini and andrew Futz November 20, 2009
A pejorative term for a Canadian
I'm tired of seeing these damn icebacks everywhere!
by Osman_Ghazi January 31, 2015
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