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A great prank/fun thing to do where the loser (or random selected persona) has to stand 5-10 feet away from a group of people usually consisting of at least 4 people. The group of people use water guns filled with ice cream sundae toppings (like caramel, chocolate sauce, cherries, sprinkles, marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, and nuts) and spray away at the poor sucker, who will be humiliated at the mere fact that they are now a living ice cream sundae. For maximum fun, do this in a public place, i.e. a park or a random sidewalk.
We Ice Cream SunDeathed Harvey when she lost the bet to Ms. Rynhard and Ralphie that she could drink 2 fraps in 2 minutes.
by SupaToast<3Frappuccinos April 06, 2011
When you and your friends (your best friends preferably) fill different water guns with different sundae toppings (usually whipped cream, melted ice cream, chocolate syrup, and carmel sauce) and team up on some one and spray them. After that put a cherry on top. :)
Cami: Hahahahaha! Look at that guy!
Jenna: Yeah he looks like he just got Icecream sundeathed!
Cami and Jenna: PWNED!!!
by :)Pwned April 07, 2011

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