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While getting head, you ejaculate on your partner's face, chest, and in their mouth. Rumored to have originated in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dawg! Dat bitch iz crazy! She just gave back to back ice cream blow jobs to DJ Squishmitten and Lewisville Slugga! Now she's all sticky.
by Lewisville Slugga February 21, 2010
1) The act of receiving oral sex and ejaculating on the giver's face and in their mouth (also on titties if they're available).

2) A song by Lewisville Slugga about receiving an ice cream blowjob.
1) How'd your date go? She gave me a ice cream blowjob! Nice.

2) That Ice Cream Blow Job song cracks me up!
by Lewisville Slugga March 10, 2010
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