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Generalization of a stupid-ass, fat-ass, jobless white homosexual who plays games like WoW and Runescape and watches anime and believes himself as the blackest of all gangsters alive.
Anthony, who many people call Ibugppl, likes to go online and tell his friends made-up stories about the time he had shot a mexican for stealing his anime book.

Anthony- Lawl i shot dis nigga mexican cuz im gangster
Aqua- Stop being such a ibugppl you fucking e-thug faggot
by X-Raided October 27, 2007
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Word used to describe a fat, homosexual wigger.
Zezima: Like wow, your pretty gay Anthony. You like sucking cock and you wear Fubu clothes even though you're white. You're such an Ibugppl.
by Ibugppl November 10, 2007

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