Indian Wells Vally Internet Service Provider.
The most horrible ISP to ever be in existance.....
MIKE - "Dude, your lucky to have DSL, i have shitty IWVISP"

TRISTAN - "I have pitty on you, Mike..."
by jimmithy December 21, 2003
Top Definition
The best fucking ISP on da Earfphs. All other ISP's are teh lamezorz. IWVISP is like a golden chalice of awesomeness that is hoisted upon you w/ the fury of the gods. By obtaining IWVISP internet service, you are taking an oath to all that you are amazing enough to even think about being able to have this exquisite of a service. Anyone not willing to be boned every second of every day for the rest of their life need not apply.
Dumb Guy: "Hey, I have IWVISP internet service!"

Attractive Girl: "That makes you attractive!"

Dumb Guy: "Wanna bone?"

Attractive Girl: "Hell yeah, since you have IWVISP!"

Dumb Guy is now Awesome Guy.
by Rad Cantiablos May 19, 2010
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