or Illiterate U-Twit. Can't spell worth a fart when they send definitions to Urban Dictionary. See also, U-Twit: a person who keeps on sending the same stupid definition just to see if they get published.
Sean is a total IUT. Did you see what he sent to Urban Dictionary? "Jane is suck a stupid bich". What a f***ing Illiterate U-Twit. He's only sent that about 10 times and they keep rejecting it!
by ~Meg~ May 27, 2007
Top Definition
A word modifier common used for curse words in radio friendly versions of songs.

Instead of the word being removed or replaced, it is cut off by a record player style stop.

The modifier can technically be applied to any word, but successful understanding may not be guaranteed.

Curse word examples:
Fuck = Fiut
Bitch= Biut
Shit = Shiut
Raul: Hey, we're gonna go skydiving you wanna come?
Will: F-iut that sh-iut, I'm scared of heights!
by vburnin8tor June 10, 2016
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