What happens when a Jew, an asshole who plays CS too much, and the most damned soul ever make an online band.
The origins for Atomic Rock came from the first band ever to do it, INTOXICATI.
by Billyker August 15, 2004
Top Definition
some fags who can't play real music so they act like they play shitty music on purpose to be funny when in fact nobody is laughing
matthew wayne nicoletta is a member of intoxicati which means he sucks
by LOL AARON March 02, 2006
noun, plural. A shadowy group of people that are habitually intoxicated by alcohol and other chemical substances.
The intoxicati left Bar Jones in to score some junk.
by astartelmoth November 04, 2008
The greatest fucking band of all time; beautiful music.
"You like Linkin Park? Fag, go listen to INTOXICATI before I urinate in your mouth"
by Ben June 24, 2003
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