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1. An adorable pet monkey who escaped from a locked crate in a locked vehicle and appeared in the parking lot of the Toronto IKEA store, wearing a miniature faux-shearling coat, and spawning an internet meme and a nearly universal desire to buy a monkey, slap a diaper on it, and dress it up.

2. Darwin, the shearling-clad monkey who wandered the parking lot of an IKEA store in Toronto in December 2012.

3. An act of extreme escapism.
Person 1: I can't stand going to IKEA with all of those unruly, unrestrained toddlers running around!

Person 2: Yeah, they're worse behaved than the IKEA monkey.

Person 1: Oh god, I'm committed to going to an early bird special dinner with my wife, her parents and her grandparents, followed by a book reading of new childrens' poems.

Person 2: You'd better get your IKEA monkey on!
by CilantroLeaf December 19, 2012
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