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1. an exaggerated hype brought about by the opening of an IKEA store
2. a frenzied and suffocating shopping experience at IKEA
3. a traffic jam which backs up onto the highway caused by an influx of potential IKEA customers, often resulting in the closure of an offramp
4. a derogatory phrase used by locals in describing the traffic and disoriented and discourteous drivers an IKEA store brings to local roads because of definition 3
1. Look at the customers' faces! It's IKEA madness!
2. John had IKEA madness and bought a small BILLY shelving unit to assemble at home himself.
3. We should should get off of Route 24 before the IKEA madness at exit 19B.
4. I was late to practice today because of IKEA madness that was blocking my street. They wouldn't let us out.
by Theseus January 22, 2006
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