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Abbreviation: Seldom used.
1. A polite way of saying "No fucking way"
2. Used to express cluelessness.
3. A closing statement before you accept defeat.
"Dude1: Bro do you think she'll put out after a date?
Dude2: IDTC dude.
Dude1: What?
Dude2: IDTC
Applefag: No, Apple phones sell more than droids!!!
Droidfag: LOLFAG. Sauce or GTFO.
Applefag: Haha, you'll see. *googles*
Applefag: Hmm, It says Here.. Wait, minute. Android? IDTC.
Droidfag: Pwnd biatch. *teabags applefag* "
by The Krisys September 16, 2011