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Short for I Couldn't/Can't Stop Laughing
"I once saw some guy on a bike, fall over head first. Oh man, ICSL!"

"Have you seen this comedy show? ICSL!"
by Dethkrawl May 08, 2008
Icsl - I can't stop laughing.

An abbreviation commonly used over the internet. Similar to saying "Lol" or "Rofl" but on a much higher degree.
David: If I could I would slap the person who invented "Cool story bro".
Michelle: Ikr! That is so funny Icsl!
by Davidsftwk December 04, 2010
"I cant stop laughing."
Tom: My brother sleeps with the light on

Kyle: Orly? How old is he?

Tom: Welll.... he just turned 17 XD

Kyle: ICSL! Thats great:')
by jodi jirachi August 26, 2009