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A "Transitional Living Program" based on bureaucratic rules, arbitrary grades, and false promises. At ICR, there are a few key phrases one must understand in order to be successful here.

See if you can follow this easy-to-read translation of staff's favorite phrases and what they actually mean!

"I've been looking into it"---I have not been looking it.

"I'm working very hard on it"--I thought about working on it, once, but let the thought pass.

"We have had budget cuts"--The founder of the program decided to increase his own salary again, siphoning the money from the program's account (which the students pay for)

"We have to walk to the gym today"--The founder of the program got drunk and passed out in the van somewhere far away, rendering it useless for transporting the group.

"It's not about THEM, it's about YOU!"--I do not know what to tell you, but I read somewhere that telling you this will be helpful.
If a student at ICR, Introspections Costa Rica, says, "The overwhelming amounts of negativity and complaining from the other students are beginning to effect my attitude," (s)he will be told, "It's not about THEM, it's about YOU!"

If a student says, "I've been asking you daily for two weeks to get this issue solved," (s)he will be told, "I'm working on it."

If a student says "You told me two weeks ago you had this figured out," s(he) will be told, "I've been looking into it."
by ICR Prisoner July 07, 2009
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