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The phenomenon in which an International Baccalaureate, or IB student, enters a fit of rage induced by not immediately understanding the subject matter taught. It may cause the student to violently rampage and choke other students, slap them with hand sanitizer, and remove their hands from the steering wheel while driving.
After Kyle was destroyed by the preterite vs. imperfect tense in Spanish class, he went on a rampage. He abused hand sanitizer, got a verbal warning, choked another student, broke a pencil, and nearly caused a traffic accident. Senor Spaedt identified this as IB rage, and stopped Kyle from being OUT OF CONTROL.
#ib student #ib program #rage #spanish #nease #hand sanitizer #germ-x
by Knupps March 03, 2011
When students participating in the IB program become enraged and uncontrollably ruthless. Often resulting from their lack of ability to understand something completely, immediately. This IB Rage has side affects such as crying, bawling, beating on other students, destruction of property, or the occasional loss of bowel control.
Spanish Class: Take this students, try to understand preterite versus imperfect.
Kyle: NOOO I don't get it............ (throws book/ smashes nearby student on head with bottle/releases feces into pants.... all at the same time)
#ib #rage #ib rage #ib student #high school #ib program #hell
by T-Heezy March 10, 2011
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