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An IB Music class where you spend more time playing Internet games than you do learning about actual Music history that will be on the IB test. Often taken by lazy band dropouts, the average IB Not Doppler student will use this class as time to sleep, do other homework, watch movies, talk, or do just about anything not related to IB Music. Sadly, every student in IB Not Doppler will definitely fail the IB test... but hey, we have a whole other year to learn this right? Well, time to play Flight.
Teacher: "I've got a hangover. Get out the Macbooks and compose or something. Except for my HL's... whoever they are."
Student 1: "Time to porn surf."
Student 2: "I love IB Not Doppler."

Student 1: "Ugh, I have so much homework in IB Psych!"
Student 2: "I know what you mean. In IB Not Doppler I have to turn on my computer AND play Achievement Unlocked tonight. FML."
Student 1: "....."
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