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A two year program in which numerous texts are crammed into the minds of teenagers. The IBO assumes that we teenagers can figure out all of the expressionist metaphors in Death of a Salesman and all of the symbolic tragedies and allusions in Hamlet.

Paper 1 - A paper that comprises of an unseen prose or poetry piece, in which the student is responsible for fabricating a commentary on it. Or in short, a paper designed to fail students.

Paper 2 - A student is assumed to know at least 2 works. The student chooses a question and writes a commentary. The IBO knows which books we read and intentionally give us a question we cannot relate to.
IB English Student 1: I was up all night doing homework!

IB English Student 2: Yeah same! I had no idea how the scene between Hamlet and her mother was indicating Freudian concepts...

IB English Student 1: Fuck IB.

IB English Student 2: We should have just taken AP...
by IwishIcouldnuketheIBOHQ May 08, 2011
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