Irritable Ass Syndrome.
When your ass is hurting and itching uncontrollably.

Also when someone is being an ass.
"Charley be pissy as hell. He must have I.A.S."
by yo_mammas_pimp April 24, 2011
The best couple out. They'll be together from 1 year to forever. Mikayla is cute, smart,joyful, and loves to smile. Ian however never smiles. Well, not often. IAN is a swag symbol. He tends to mentor his stupid friends. HE LOVES TO JUMP AND PLAY SPORTS. He has a very short temper.BUT IS VERY LOYAL AND TRUSTWORTHY. Ian loves Nike brand. Ian is a Capricorn.Mikayla is a Libra .Both are very talentedly smart. Ian has a humongous freaking feet. Ian wears maybe larger than an 8 in shoes.IAN and mikayla are meant to be they are 95% compatible on a love calculator.ALSO GIVE EACH OTHER CUTE NICKNAMES.
by JOHNNY FERGUSON December 14, 2013
irritated asshole -result of a 'bad dung' -no way to take shower or bidet, baby wipes
john wasn't big on deffing at work, as; he'd often get I.A.
by michael foolsley December 03, 2009
An Irish Angel: one who gets a dirty sweatband from Irelands from someone else
Thanks for the icky aerobic material you IA
by djm0027 February 10, 2010
Internal Assessment is an important part of IB where hours are spent writing an essay that in reality will be read once and thrown away. They are about 1500 words and take at least a weekend to bs.
Can you believe we had two ia's, 2 quizzes and a test this week?! You forgot the Spanish oral we had too!
by andarooo?! March 07, 2007
an intellectual antagonist
That arrogant egghead in addition to being an MA is also an IA
by CriostoirHulme August 07, 2005

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