I.N.S. is short for Itchy Nut-sack Syndrome.
Billions of males are affected by this syndrome every day.
There are methods to counter-act I.N.S. such as:
1. The "pinch-and-pull" method, most likely the most common method, what you do is pinch the sack on the affected area and pull(usually downward)
2. The "shoo" method, you curl your fingers (your fingers are together) and your finger nails are resting on the affected area. Then you move your fingers till you have an open palm as if you were going to smack a bitch. this is done on the topside of the sack. If done correctly your finger nails will have scratched your sack where the fingers were, thus reliving the itch
3. The "Got Money" method, you put your fingers on the underside of your sack and thumb on top side and pinch. Then you move your thumb across your fingers which will remove the itch. This method can also be finished off with the "pinch-and-pull".
4. The "rake" method, you put your fingers on the underside of your sack and then curl your finger as they scratch the underside of the sack. Its basically a reversed "shoo" method.
These are just a few methods to coop with I.N.S. Also a regular scratch can remove the symptoms of I.N.S.
I'm suffering from I.N.S. right now
by paul sulivainn January 12, 2010
Acronym for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the brach of the United States Government burdened with the responsibility of treating non-Americans who wish to become Americans like inorganic garbage in a demoralizing form of torture commonly known as immigration. This despite the fact that all Americans as the world knows it are in fact descendants of immigrants themselves. Note that those that figure out how to enter and reside in America without going through this process are rewarded with prizes like welfare and food stamps paid for by generous hard working tax paying Americans, while those that opt for immigration are made to wait years and years filling out expensive forms, untangling miles of red tape and enduring the vicious, dehumanizing abuse of immigration and/or consulate officals. see also purgatory.
Why border-jump and immediately freeload off taxpayer money for the rest of your non-English speaking life when you can instead go through years of INS?
by themarcuscreature February 21, 2005
stands for "nothing special" in Norwegian. in Norwegian : "Ikke Noe Spesielt".
-What are you doing?
by Norwegian dude November 25, 2010
simply put, MONEY. wats on everybodys mind.
"Nah i cant put up i aint got no ins."

"I need cigarettes but i aint got no ins."
by Lyrical_Beast September 07, 2009
short for Insurgency, especially when used in reference to Insurgency, the steam MOD for CS and Half-Life
hey, get online and log onto INS and join the marines
by ins_sinjar May 04, 2009
Short for Inspectah Deck, of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Now why try and test, the Rebel INS?
Blessed since the birth, I earth-slam your best
by Scott April 25, 2004
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