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Slang term for the Orange County (CA) beach community of Huntington Beach. The logical choice of domicile for those wishing to re-locate from the Budweiser-swilling, monster-trucking, dirtbike-riding, dyed-spiky-black-hair-having I.E. (Inland Empire, consisting of Riverside & San Bernadino Counties). These are 909ers that hope to up their cache by moving to the OC. There are so many re-located 909ers in Huntington that it can now be dubbed "I.E.-by-the-Sea."
Dude, check out that raised brodozer F-250.

I know, did you see the chick that got out of it, with the studded flame belt and the 6" high black sandals?

Yeah, dude, wow. I think I'm gonna' get out of I.E.-by-the-Sea and move back to Newport.
by 949 June 20, 2006
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