IDF stands for Israeli Defense Forces. Many mistake it to mean they defend Israel from invasions and attacks when in essence they instigate invisaions themselves and launch attacks on unsuspecting victims. The IDF has been implicated in many massacres over the years. Most of which have not made it to mainstream news outlets because of Pro-Israel lobby groups.

The IDF gets most of its funding from the United States. U.S. tax payers are often, unknowinling, fund this immoral and inhumane war machine, one of the region's most ruthless armies.

The IDF bombed a house killing most of its young occupants, some were babies less than a month old.

by Adam Becker March 04, 2007
Top Definition
Stands for the Israel(i) Defence Force.
Was established at 1948, by the 3 larger underground organizations "ha'hagana", "ha'etzel" and "ha'lehi" ("ha" means "THE" in hebrew).
Although all three organizations resisted the on-coming combination, the all out assult made by all arabic countries around israel - egypt, syria, jordan, even few armies from iraq and saudi arbic, forced all leaders to put thier difference of opinion aside and join forces.
Through out history the IDF never lost a war, including war in terror, as the IDF is the only army that actually WON terror.
The military power itself divided, unlike the US army, to many sub-categories, not just by air, ground and sea. for example, the big infantry brigades - "Golani", "Givaty", "Nahal" and "Tzanhanim" (paradroopers) make the "infantry" army, but the armoured devisions are a whole different army, agian, unlike the US military, which includes the armoured devisions and the infantry as one "ground army", with one central command.
Although VERY small in size and young in age, the IDF known to be one of the best armed forces in the world, which comes to fruition by training forigin armed forces, for example - the israeli sea commando "Shayetet 13" (AKA S13) helps (yeah, they actually do that) navy SEALs when it comes to off shore raids and attacks. S13 also known to train navy SEALs as long as about 1/3 of SEALs' course.
Another known yet seceret counter terror unit is "sayeret MATCAL" (stands for "General Staff rangers"). this unit made some of the most daring, most astonishing raids in history, operation "spring youth". during this operation more then 70 terrorists were killed in lebannon, after a combained operation of "sayeret MATKAL" and "the MOSAD" (israeli CIA), while no israeli operator was harmed.
A common proverb, simple but powerful, was "made" to describe this army, who built itself from nothing, after the terrible disaster of the holocaust, when 6 MILLION jews were killed by the nazis. "behurenu ha'metzu'yanim" - our great guys!
I.D.F is the only thing that acutally works in israel nowdays - a common proverb, said with a a smile
by izik September 04, 2005
IDF is an acronym for 'intelligent dance floor,' a form of house music popularised from the year 2017 when the Ministry of Sound in London installs its first dance floor that gives real time feedback to the DJ on the force applied by dancers feet and how accurately they are following the rhythm - and by extension their tiredness. This allows the DJ to better suit the music to the mood of the crowd. The actual music consistes of a mixture of original and remixed tracks that can easily change speed, without any of the accompanying 'cheesy' pitch changes. By 2020, IDF is able to operate without a DJ which leads to some very intersting phenomena, such as where a soul night is trashing out high speed terrorcore later in the night and hardcore raves that have slowed down to Classiclock!
Man I loved that IDF night at Gatecrasher. We went in to some gentle late 80s house and we went through trance, happy hardcore, gabba and slowed it right back down to some minimal techno later in the night!
by mids99 May 06, 2012
I Don't Fuck!

Something one may say accidentally when he/she (usually a he) is overwhelmed to an extent it affects his brain judgement.

The greatest fear of every man.
Hot ass babe: Hey sexy, you look hot, how about I give you a party.
Bobby: ..*drooling* .I.. Dont... Fuck!
by wtf March 18, 2005
Someone who belongs to a stupid subculture of complete lazy fucks.
That smelly looking guy who sits next to me in sixth period staring off into space with tags still dangling from his shirt is and Idf.
by SupaSmashBros February 08, 2005
Perfect antonym of a scene kid; One (usually a high school male but there are females and older people too) who do not conform to any particular stereotypes, popular or unpopular trends. At least not on purpose.
Misty is a scene girl; every day she spends an hour or two putting on makeup then her big black boots and other Goth apparel. She wants the outside of her body to express the rebel inside.

Joe is and Idf. When he wakes up in the morning he puts on his shoes and goes to school. He'll shower and put on a clean t-shirt and jeans if he feels like it’s worth the effort, generally it’s not.
by b-sol April 12, 2005
Yet another American high school sterotype. The person who sits in class with black feet because they walked to school with no shoes on. When asked "Why do you have spaghetti sauce all over your shirt." just huffs and continues staring at the cieling.
Basically it's the same as a burnout except they don't do drugs (too expensive and almost a social activity). May be intelligent but have no goals and see no reason to waste time becoming educated.
by TomWent2Damayor&beathisass April 06, 2005
Variation of idb .

Every man's dream gift from his girlfriend. When she invites her female friend over.

In Da Friend
My girlfriend gave me some idf for Christmas.
by Scrufdog December 27, 2005
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