Means that someone is unable to care any less for your current situation.
Person 1: I hurt my leg
Person 2: I couldnt care less, go away!
by Gazado September 16, 2005
Top Definition
A phrase that emphasises the lack of care for something or someone. Often mistaken as 'I could care less'.
David: Quick Bert! Muffles the kitten ate some mothballs, and now it's foaming out it's mouth; WE NEED TO GOTO A VET!

Bert: I couldn't care less about your God-Damned Cat right now.
by SeanJohn August 02, 2006
The classier (and cleaner) way to say "I don't give a fuck", "I don't give a shit", "I don't give a crap", "I don't give a damn", etc.

(Do NOT confuse it with I could care less. If you *could* care less, it means that you can reduce the amount of fucks you give!)
"The Dvorak Keyboard lets you type comfortably because the keys are positioned so that the fingers can-"
"I couldn't care less."
by otaku sempai kun November 06, 2013
Shows extreme care in the current subject matter means person cares a lot
I couldnt care less about your injury
by Dr.Catctus March 22, 2005
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