1.) A term one uses to express that they feel absolutely awesome. Also used to pep people up.

2.) A song by Lonely Island
Person one: "Who's on a Boat?!"
Person two: "I'm on a Boat!!!"

Person one: "Hey, did you hear that song by Lonely Island, the one about the boat?"
Person two: "Oh yeah, I'm on a boat? That song is amazing."
by KarsGoZoom August 28, 2009
Some refer to the common lyric as "imonaboat" or "immonaboat" instead of "I'm on a boat" in either text messages or other instant messaging services.

Comes from "imma".
(AIM Screen name 1) u no tht andy samberg song?

(AIM Screen name 2) wat... imonaboat?

(AIM Screen name 1) ya tht 1

Full translation:

(AIM Screen name 1) You know that Andy Samberg song?

(AIM Screen name 2) What, I'm on a boat?

(AIM Screen name 1) Yeah, that one.
by ferrgy April 04, 2010
to mean, on top of the world, in your element, well happy and satisfied.
hey man hows you doing wiv your new girl?
im on a boat,man everything sweet.

by brapbrapbrapgmaninit March 27, 2009
Prove that people these days have no musical taste. Even when the song is a complete joke, people still love it and think it is the best song ever. They made this song to show that anyone can make a crappy rap song and it will be popular. They were right. The music video is obviously on a boat and the song features T-Pain, though I don't know why because all he does is repeat whatever they say.
person1: OMG you should listen to I'm on a Boat. BEST SONG EVAR!!!!!11
person2: You do realize that this song was a joke and that it was intended to show what bad taste in music people have right?
by iduncurr May 13, 2009
to be high off of marijuanna.
dude, i wish i was on a boat right now but i gotta get tested so i can work.

i'm on a boat right now and i can't stop eating!
by gotjackson June 26, 2009

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