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An aggrivated way to speak when frusterated at the circumstances.
Tricky Dick: I'm not his secratary, get his # your self!
Crazy Canderous: Looks like your full of the shit you talk hommie! It looks to me like your doing all his typing. Isn't that a secratary?
Tricky Dick: Fuck you!
C C: Never! Now bend over and let me kick your ass insted for goating me and using my name to post BS defs to piss people off because your so stuck on yourself. Doesn't that mean you are still in loathing faze?
T D: "Your A hooker! A Shame, a whore, a dime, a bitch, a .........."

C C: Is that all you've got. Name calling? Really? I mean if your too scared to adress me in public, what does that say about your stature? Not mutch if you ask me. Closet Case!
T D: They'll follow me! I'm not his secratary
C C: Have it! Let them worship your grownd ass pirate! Pet your wallyrous with you D club and congratulate each other all night long on becoming masters of the universe. But ask your self this. What's he "one" thing thats worth stealing and is truly what causes no trouble at all?
T D: What The...
C C: Second Base Hommie. The one thing people can steal and not get/cause trouble for/in stealing!

All I ever wanted you to know is that I cared for you enought to give you what you needed. Your choices. That woman over their that shows you true love every day. Works hard for you. That is what love is. Not who stole the heart. Who owns the heart, but who is always thier in your heart! Be free and know what love is-everywhere you look!
T D: Your pathologicaly crazy!
C C: That's what they tell sane people to make them pay for harmful meds and play follow the leader. I will always be some one you can trust to do the right thing for a friend. Even if that means putting myself on the line as the butt end of a harsh joke. I kept my promise. I'm right here if you want your friend back.
by NowYouKnowMeNiceToMeetYou July 16, 2010

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